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Let's say you lay down or "extrude" a circle of epoxy onto a platform. This circle is part of a cylinder. Then you lay down another circle on top of it. Several circles on top of each other such as here will eventually result in a three dimensional cylinder. This is rapid prototyping at work. Slicing an object into two dimensional layers, and building each layer on top of each other. Machines that do as such are known as rapid prototypers.



January 2, 2010: After a long time, interest in the RP Wiki has spiked and so I have decided to continue supporting it. Let's 3D print a better future, together!
January 25, 2009: The Helix Machine is having problems with its Arduino Microcontroller, but we are still up and running here!
October 29, 2008: Helix 1.3 ReK extruded onto the Z platform being controlled by the host computer software.


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