Special Extruders

The Extruders page is about different materials. This page is for using Extruders to create different, more unique and complex shapes with more detail. The content on this page is exclusive to The Helix Project.

Pole Extruder v0.1

If you want to make a pole, which we would to make stuff like chopsticks, and you want it big, you need to adapt your extruder to get up high and down low. This movement greatly increases the range of hight for the Helix.

ColorBlend v0.1

ColorBlend was my first idea for improving the RepRap print heads. It is really only a tube that channels dye into a containment sphere for the molten material to be colored then pushed out. The ColorBlend allows you to color a white or clear material instead of having to use another material and/or another print head. To ensure the material does not solidify, the ColorBlend would have to heat the dye. This may be more of a dream than a reality.

ColorBlend Multi v0.1

ColorBlend Multi would just use more than one color. These colors could be combined or used seperate and would be in seperate containers. This would be one of the last items produced from all of the ones on the site that we have to choose from (also see Extruders).

Threading Extruder v0.1

The threading extruder is just an extruder that pushes material out and threads it, cools it, then glues it to the other parts by melting the bottom of the thread.

OptoReference Roller v0.1

The Optical Endstop circut tells the Helix and Reprap machines when it is passing boundaries. The OptoReference Roller would roll over a printed part and basically tell the Helix machine that the next printed part needs to watch out for the one already down. This would be useful for multi-colored printing.

LayerBlend v0.1

LayerBlend is not really an extruder, but a quality enhancement. If the material you use is sloppy looking, then you use the layerblend, and it smooths the parts out.

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