"Wealth Without Money…"


What is RepRap? RepRap stands for "Replicating Rapid-Prototyper". The goal of RepRap is to create a machine that replicates itself and uses rapid prototyping for a cost under 500 British Pounds. Their current machine is the RepRap 1.0 Darwin. The RepRap uses Thermoplastic; plastic that melts at a low temperature and cools to a brittle type of a material. Soon, it will use pastes too. Sound familiar? They decided to name their models after famous biologists, like Charles Darwin. So far, the Darwin makes 60% of its self. You can find the RepRap project at However, they have very little structure amongst their developers, and most of the people on the project are their for there own personal gain. This in no way inhibits proper usage of the RepRap, but may infringe on your ability to solve errors and fix bugs on your RepRap machine…

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