Rapid Prototyping

What is Rapid prototyping?

Lets start simple. Lets say you draw a circle. Then you draw another circle on top of it. Then you keep drawing a circle until you get something like a cylinder. The robot that is designed to do this is known as a Rapid Prototyper. Rapid prototyping is also called Fabbing, 3-Dimensional Printing, fabrication, and reprapping. Here at Reprap.wikidot.com, I am trying to weld the fab@home, the Reprap, and my own crazed genius together to create the ultimate rapid prototyper. The Helix, target price about 100 USD. Welcome to the future.


Easy fabrication of objects.


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Other Processes commonly related to Rapid Prototyping

There are some methods of construction related to Rapid Prototyping.

Rapid Freeze / Ice

Mostly used for art, this involves spraying a coat of water, freezing it, and repeating.

Rapid Injection Molding

This process is where you inject a substance into a mold. Rapid Injection Molding, I would imagine, is the only way to make stuff like the mousepad with a gel hand rest.


Stereolithography is like rapid prototyping, but it uses a laser to solidify a powder of some sort. It came before rapid prototyping.



The accuracy varies greatly from machine to machine. All rapid prototypers have relatively good accuracy, and it is commonly called resolution.


The cost is different for different Rapid Prototypers. The RepRap costs around $750, but you have to build it yourself and there are no kits available yet. Other premade options like the fab@home cost around 2,500 to 5,000, but they are premade. The Zcorp Printer is about 39,000 dollars and the refills cost another 1,000 or so every time. As you could guess, it is mainly used for commercial purposes.

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