Rapid Prototypers

The Helix Project (Helix 1.2)

(Main article: My Rapid Prototyper)
Project Status: Helix 1.2 is nearly ready to be sold on the Tech-Store, our online store.

The Helix is a simple but powerful machine that is slowly evolving. The first working version, Helix 1.2, is under construction, and Helix 2.0 is going to be out in the next two years (our current estimate).


(Main article: RepRap)

The goal of RepRap is to create a universal constructor for a cost under 500 USD. Their current machine is the RepRap 1.0 Darwin.


(Main article: Fab@Home)

The Fab@Home uses a variety of materials. Just put something in a syringe. If it comes out, fab@home can use it.

The Candy Fab Project

(Main article: Candy Fab Project)

A rapid prototyper that creates objects out of sugar. It is specially adapted to handle this material. A blast of hot air melts the sugar, which is exactly what the project has made. A magical hot air gun.

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