Object Ideas

What to Make

Here is our list of stuff you can make on a Rapid Prototyper. If you know of any more, please list them. If you have built any one of them, please show us how by making the item here link to a page you created on the item. There are mainly thermoplastic items, but more is to come…

Thermoplastic Items

Mechanical components

• Gears and gear trains
• Tracks and bogies
• Wheels and Systems enclosures
• Battery boxes for standard battery sizes
• Pulley Wheels and Blocks
• Gaskets
• Chain
• Knobs
• Handwheels
• Electrical Terminal Blocks
• Knife Switch Parts
• Van Allen Geiger Counter
• Bearings

RepRap 3D Printer Parts

• RepRapSlurryHead
• Recycler and Filament Extruder
• Various parts for the Repstrap 1.0 Seedling
• Various parts for the Reprap 1.0 Darwin
• Various parts to develop RepRap 2.0 Mendel

RepRap Associated Technology

• CameraScanningHead
• TouchProbeScanningHead
• Generic keypad
• Different extruders

Home Improvement Items

• Outlet Cover
• Light Switch Cover
• Electrical Outlet Box
• Child Safety Plug for electrical outlet
• Plastic Light Switch spacers for outlet boxes
• Threaded wire nuts
• Plastic drywall fasteners
• Plastic C-clamps
• Decorative light bulb covers for electric fans
• Plastic elctric cord hole covers for desk/cube worksurfaces
• Plastic end caps for clothes hangers
• Electric conduit connectors (elbow and tee)
• Drain pipe connectors
• Drain pipe end caps
• Flat plastic fence for a garden
• Screw on loops for hanging hollow tools that already have threaded ends
• Door stops

Home Improvement Tools

• Ruler
• T-Square
• Architect's 3 sided ruler
• Level (just add water, requires clear plastic)
• Fly swatter
• Salad tongs

Architecture and Construction

• Scale model of building
• Construction Components
• Parts for working models

Childrens Toys

• Whistle and ball for the Whistle
• Kazoo
• Hollow Plastic Pins and Bowling Ball that with screw on caps for filling with water.
• Poker Chips
• Dice
• Chess Set
• Juggling balls (hollow, filled, or solid)
• Juggling clubs (hollow one piece)
• Golf tee
• Wiffle ball
• Frisbee
• Hula hoop
• Paddle blades
• Rubik's cube
• Pentomino set
• 3D puzzle

Entertainment for all ages

• Yo-Yo


Replacement Plastic Parts For Backpack, Organizer, Etc.

• Replacement clip for binder strap

Extra Items

• Pencil holder


• Klein bottle

Useful Items

Simple household Items

• Plates
• Bowls
• Cutlery
• Protective cases (eg Phone, Glasses)
• Tupperware and other containers
• Rulers
• Bottles
• Coat hanger
• Rope
• Vase
• Clothes pin (just add spring)
• Ice tray
• Chains

More complex / functional household items

• Coin sorter
• Slidingly engaging fasteners
• Fish tank filter body
• Fish tank light hood
• Fish tank rock vacuum
• Pet items

Other Around-the-House Items

  • Toothbrush
  • Helix Machine :-)
  • Boxes
  • Mint Tins
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Tape Dispenser of the Future
  • Phone Case
  • Phone Base
  • The Ipod Skin
  • Electrical Plates
  • CD Case


These are not what you would normally print, and are harder to make.

• Hula Hoop
• Cozy Coop

  • Chair

2-Part Items

Two part objects are objects that need a base of icing, or some other cheap material that is removed later.
This is not a material, and these objects are probably on other lists as well.


  • Spheres
  • Cones
  • Other assorted shapes


  • Circular gears
  • Lego Mind Storm type of a deal
  • Pulleys

GE Silicone II Items


  • Small Tear Drop Shaped squeeze bottle
  • Bottle cap, like a rubber stopper

Everyday Silicone Items

  • Shoe Soles
  • Any sort of padding
  • Coasters

Unsorted Items

All other random items

car parts, mouse, legos, tinker toys, window boxes, fans, fan blades, printer parts, pens, pencils, construction blocks, computer case, bookshelf, garbage can, window, rocket parts (see Mission Space) .

Clothing and other Everyday Items

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