There is, of course, a rapid prototyper. But everyone does something, and to get successful prototypes, most objects will have a base material. To truly eliminate manual work and extra materials, we need more machine stations. The Helix 2.0 will change its own extruders and maybe build circut boards. But what do you do when extruded parts need to be moved?

Re-Cycler v0.1

This machine will melt down extra material to re-use it in future models. This version will make noise and alert the user whenever the material they are using is availible in the re-cycler.

Robo-Shop v0.1

Staying limited to the axi-system is one thing. Robots would greatly improve mobility. They would move on "elevators" to where they are needed. Maybe they will only place components on circut boards. Hey, we can dream here, right?

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