Help Out

So, how can you help out at the Rapid Prototyping Wiki? Well, here is what we can think of:

Expand a Stub

Stubs are pages that have only a little information on them. You can help out by expanding the information on the page. Please do not be scared to edit a page, especially when it is marked with a stub. When you think you have added enough content, replace the include:stub at the bottom with an include:check.

Check an include:check

When you expand a stub, you should put an include:check at the bottom of the page. When you see an include:check, review the content on the page. If you think it should be a stub, put an include:stub at the bottom. If not, remove the check.

Help in the forum

Most people use forums to ask for help for their own benifit. If someone needs help in the forum and you can help, please do.

Add to the Forum

An active forum draws in members and educates our current members. Anything you think could be added, please add it.

Add content

There is always more to be added to the site. If there truly is not, make some!

Page to be included include:check can not be found!

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