Fab Epoxy

FabEpoxy is a special 2 part epoxy originally formulated for Fab@Home by Kraftmark Company of Spring City, PA, USA. Is has been designed to flow easily, but after extrusion, harden enough that you can stack layers usp.. This type of material is considered thixotropic. It also has a relatively long "pot life" (meaning time between when you mix it and when it starts to harden) of 2-3 hours in typical conditions. This allows you sufficient time to use a syringe full of the material without having it harden in the syringe. At room temperature, the material takes 24 hours or so to become rigid; so we recomend that you leave your prints to sit on your Helix untill it fully cures.

Data Sheet


MSDS Resin and Hardener


FabEpoxy Loading Kit, Abbreviated Instructions

1. Attach mixer nozzle to syringe and adapter to end of nozzle. 2. Dispense FabEpoxy to displace air in nozzle and adapter. 3. Attach adapter to EFD syringe with plunger fully inserted. 4. Dispense mixed FabEpoxy to fill syringe.

Detailed Instructions



#Kraftmark Company, Spring City, PA, USA, +1 610-717-1785

FabEpoxy Loading Kit contains: 1 x 50ml Syringe, 3 mixer nozzles and 3 adapters. Dispensing tool is sold separately.

To order go to Kraftmark's secure shopping site Kraftmark Store or contact Tim Mayer, Kraftmark directly. PayPal,Visa and Mastercard accepted.

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