Cyclone was named after the original concept. The largest part was a humungous funnel, that molten stuff spun through before entering one of many filament chambers. The chamber then extruded it, and the extrusion passed through a 2-foot wind tunnel suspended in air. After, it entered a big pool of water, where it is eventually rolled into loose spools.

At least that was the concept. The Cyclone has changed through time. Here are all the versions of Cyclone, of course the first one being the latest one.

Cyclone v0.4

The Cyclone v0.4 takes a bottle (that needs to be sliced into strips first) and turns it into granules by melting it and allowing it to fall through a sieve, and immediately submerging the plastic into ice-cold water right after. Now, if only we had a granule Extruder, then we could actually use the granules. It did not work. There was no reason for the plastic to drop through the sieve.

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