2404 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 8D
Los Angeles, California 90057
(213) 385-1476

The Rapid Prototyping Industry is undergoing a revolutionary shift. The market, which was once dominated by massive, generalized service bureaus aligned to the military and aerospace industry, is beginning to expand to include architectural, industrial design, and entertainment services.
We are a micro-service bureau, specializing in manufacturing elegant design models from your three-dimensional data.

We are a group of architects and designers, not just technicians, so you can expect the highest level of engagement and care in realizing your project. We understand the value of your design data and maintain a strict non-disclosure policy. Our machines are next-generation technology which print with advanced materials at extremely high resolutions. Parts can be used for fit and function prototypes as well as form or massing applications.

We have a small overhead and deliver the savings to you. We are committed to offering simple, transparent pricing in an industry where this is often opaque. We also offer memberships which exchange part discounts for customer loyalty. And we are centrally located in the mid-Wilshire area, at the landmark American Cement Building.

We make realizing your complex design simple.

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