The extruder gets very hot, and chocolate takes a while to cool down. WARNING: When handling chocolate, many get a sudden urge to eat it. That is not a good idea. Less chocolate, smaller rapid prototypings. Especially since you need to grind it first.


Milk, Sugar, and Cacao Beans are mixed in a factory for you. Your Chocolate Extruder 1.0 uses chocolate grinds. If you are using a very presicion extrusion size, you may wish to grind it into a close-to-dust form.


All sorts of stores and shops like Kroger, Giant Eagle, Stew Leanoards, etc.

Find it in your home

Chocolate is mainly found in your pantry, with baking items.

Its use


Used in the Chocolate Extruder.

types of Builds

Delicious Deserts and scrumptious chocolates.


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